Executive Chef

Anthony Bar

Lured into the culinary world at a young age and under the guidance of his father– also a chef, Anthony discovered his hunger for creating delicious, artful dishes. He studied culinary arts and hospitality at the renowned Michel Servet in Lille, France. From there, Anthony became the Executive Sous Chef at Hotel del la Treille in Lille, France, a high-volume hotel restaurant. He furthered his culinary career as the Executive Chef at the Coco Beach Orient in St. Martin, France where he perfected the art of Caribbean-style cooking, directing design and execution of innovative and exotic dishes. His love for travel would soon take him to La Maison in Texas as the Executive Chef of a high-demand restaurant where he fostered team growth and development. A few years later, Anthony would find himself providing operational and culinary support to a variety of restaurants in the greater Los Angeles market.

Anthony’s passion and his love for cooking has taken him all over the world. His extensive travels abroad have substantially expanded his perspective on culture and food. Anthony is a visionary when it comes to creating recipes and restaurant menus. He believes the sky is the limit when he is working in the kitchen where food and art come together.

We are thrilled to have all of our guests experience Chef Anthony’s elegant art of plating along with a culinary experience unparalleled in Temecula.